My Lack of Greenhouse Effect has Affected my Gardening!!!

So this year my husband was going to go all out and build me this wonderful greenhouse that he’s been promising to build me for the last two years. Well- he got started with the project (as you can see above) and then his business doing lawncare picked up too much due to some massive marketing we did. Don’t get me wrong- I am very happy and excited that his business picked up and that our marketing worked- but I am very disappointed too. I poured quite a bit of time during late nights (and a little bit of money) to get my little baby seedlings started in the main house so I could take them out to my new gorgeous greenhouse…

Alas, since the greenhouse was not getting finished, I did not want to kill all my babies so I kept them inside for quite a while to keep them warm. Because they were inside so long they were all stretching to reach for whatever light was in the house and they all overgrew trying to reach for the light. This caused quite a few plants to die off due to the stems just stretching out too long and the plants just falling over. OK- whatever. So, a friend gave us one of those greenhouses with the metal poles and the plastic covering last year but there were holes in the plastic and I was unsure how well it would work on staying heated. Last weekend I decided it was warm enough to bring my little seedlings outside and go ahead and put them in this little tiny greenhouse. I checked on everything daily the past few days and it seemed like it was staying warm enough. It was so warm one day that most of my stretched out herbs and flowers already died off- but my stronger stemmed plants were doing ok (pumpkins, peppers, sunflowers, cucumbers, etc). So I was content for a while.

Then we had this monstrous windstorm. Now I’m not stupid- I know it gets seriously windy where I live (due to no tree blockage I’m sure) so I bricked down this little greenhouse so it wouldn’t blow away. That wasnt good enough. As you can see below- the wind blew the whole thing over, blew off all the plastic, and all my baby plants fell all over the place. I came home from work the other day and when I looked out the kitchen window and saw the sight- I was devastated. Now I am at a loss for what I should do now.

Do I try starting some of my baby plants in the house again? Should I just go ahead and plant everything directly outside? Should I buy another one of those little models of a greenhouse and screw it into my house wall so it doesn’t blow away again and start some seedlings in there? Help! I’m trying to make my decision ASAP so I know what needs to be on the shopping list of gardening supply that I can’t afford (some more seeds, potting soil?, greenhouse?, starts instead of seeds for my tomatoes/peppers?)…

Any comments or advisory are appreciated! Happy Friday to All!


2 thoughts on “My Lack of Greenhouse Effect has Affected my Gardening!!!

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