In Stitches over Huckleberries (Literally)

Last week was a tiring one… All week our family worked hard to accomplish as many tasks as possible on top of our regular workday activities so that we could go camping over the weekend and feel completely at peace with there being nothing waiting for us when we got back. On top of all of that there was the packing and preparing for going on a family camping trip with the 4 of us, our 2 dogs, and a family friend. I was constantly reminded of how many little things needed to be considered when camping with kiddos and animals instead of just getting up and going like my husband and I could when we didn’t have so many obligations. ūüôā

Anyway- all of that work was going to be worth it to me- because we were on our way to a great spot for picking huckleberries. Visions of pancakes, mikshakes, pies, cobblers, tarts, and jellies were dancing in my head. I was so anxious for the reddish, bluish, purplish fruits to be filling our buckets! And I was so excited to be spending some time away from the world with my family in the nice and peaceful forest land without too much worry or care and only fun times ahead.

Now picture that little bubble of excitement and thought floating above my head like in a cartoon- and take an imaginary dart gun and blow a dart right into it to pop it. That’s pretty much how our trip went.

First- Friday was an incredibly busy day at the office. I had no time to take a quick lunch to make sure I could pick up ice for the food chest- so that was going to have to wait until I got off. When I got off, I got a call from my husband stating he had fallen into a lake while helping a friend get a sinking boat out of the water. He wanted me to pick him up flip flops since his shoes were wet. Poor guy. So I got ice for the food, then I drove to a couple places before finally finding some¬†flip flops. Then I picked up my kiddos and we made our way to the camp spot about an hour later than expected. I thought- oh well, that’s ok- we’ll have all day the next day.

So we got to the spot and got settled. The kids ran around and played for a bit while we set up our tents. The fire wouldn’t start for a couple of hours so we had a 10pm dinner. Even that’s ok! It was still a great roasted hot dog and s’more dinner! Then I tucked my kids in their tent and joined my husband in ours. Not 20 minutes later there were LOUD cracks of thunder and HUGE flashes of lightning. I ended up with the children and both dogs in the other tent to try and keep everyone soothed. The storm, along with rain, lasted ALL night long. There was maybe an hour of sleep we got in between the storm noises, children’s worry questions, and dogs barking and moving around. Not to mention the mosquito bites… Ugh!

When we got up in the morning everything was soaked. We quickly changed into¬†the clothes that were only a bit damp from the rainwater soaking into the tents and getting all over our packs. Then we sat¬†and tried to be patient while waiting for a fire to get started. While my husband worked on that¬†terrible task with wet wood,¬†I changed my mind on waiting and took the kids out to start the berry picking. I figured we’d probably warm up and dry up faster if we were walking now that the sun was coming out.¬†We were so excited because the berries- though not quite ready- were plentiful and large! We got a few handfuls before my husband started walking up to join us. When my kids spotted him they were anxious to show off how much they put into their buckets- and here’s where the last straw of bad luck for our camping trip occurred. As my daughter ran down the dirt road towards my husband, she tripped and fell into the ditch area and a stick hit the front of her leg. Both my husband and I ran towards her and lifted up her pants as she was crying. We found a 2 1/2″ gash that was about 1/4″ deep and split wide open. She was blessed that it didn’t go deeper because there wasn’t much blood, but I looked at my husband and said we needed to go now.

After bandaging up my baby’s leg with some first aid supplies as my husband held her in his arms, I took the 1 1/2 hour drive down to the emergency room with both my kids. My husband was stuck with the task of packing up the campsite but I am so thankful that he did that.

My poor little girl was so nervous and scared. She was okay the whole way to the emergency room- but once she was on the operating room table she panicked. Huge tears flowed, and high pitch screams entered my ears when she got shots of numbing medicine- but she did such a good job of staying still with my holding her down. And thanks to that numbing medicine, she didn’t feel any of the 12 stitches the doctor used to fix up her leg.

So- there was our camping trip. Although there was a¬†lot of “bad” that happened- it all turned out ok. We still built memories (how many can say they camped through a thunder and¬†lightning storm?).¬†We still got enough berries for¬†milkshakes and pancakes. And¬†my daughter’s leg was able to be fixed¬†easily- it could have been much worse.

We all got home and were very tired. We spent the whole weekend just unpacking and sleeping. I’m behind on quite a few tasks and wants that I was hoping to accomplish- but I’m just happy to be with my family safe and sound. We’ll probably try again next weekend and see if we get better results all around. ūüôā

My Birthday Bash with Breakfast, Bouncing, Cake, and Candles

I am a little late on posting about my birthday bash with my husband, daughter, and son. But that’s the thing about getting older- all of the time that is supposed to be spent living needs to be divided around to dreams, goals, wants, and obligations too. But here I am now because I wanted to share. So- another thing about getting older- even though you know you shouldn’t junk out for a whole day- because your body just isn’t the same as it used to be- a birthday is one of the greatest excuses to just give in.

On my 25th birthday, oops-¬†I mean 27th birthday, food junking started late. I wanted to have raspberry and whipped cream topped pancakes for brunch and I was set on making it. Well, my husband had to “run to the bank” (key words for last minute shop) and he took our daughter with him, so brunch was going to wait until they got back. That ended up being about 12:45pm… so this ended up being more like a lunch. Doesn’t that just look good though? It was too- a pancake buttered down and topped with raspberry jelly before placing a glop of thawed out frozen raspberries and topping it all off with whipped cream. I could eat these any time of the day.

Our next activity was to put together the trampoline we got as a Father’s day gift for my husband (and the family obviously). We couldn’t wait until Sunday to do it because it was such a nice day out- so up it went! Building it helped our tummies settle from brunch before we all bounced away!

So, while my husband was “at the bank” I baked a chocolate cake, as I had planned to, so¬†my kids¬†could decorate it for me and it would be like them “making” me a cake. How fun does that look? And a total satisfier of all the choclate cravings that have come up over the last year!

But of course, when my very thoughtful husband came back from “the bank”, he bought a cake so he could save me the trouble of making one. Too late. ūüôā Still- very sweet gesture. Or was it just because he didn’t want to eat my cake? I don’t even want to know… I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for just being sweet.

Later in the evening we had our little “birthday bash junking”¬†with a¬†bunch of snack foods and cake and ice cream. I had made these candle holders as a sample of a customizable item to sell in my gift shop, but after I started cutting the cakes up my husband insisted that I light candles up and blow them out. So I gave¬†in and had him take a photo too. After the photo was taken I thought it should be deleted- but changed my mind. It will serve as my reminder that you’re never too old to junk out and have a birthday celebration- even if its mostly centered around breakfast, bouncing, cake and candles. Here’s to a great year for me! ūüôā

Watch Out- Daddy’s Cooking!

This is not to be a prejudiced post against any male chef in this online community of great cooks- it is just a silly story that some women and children can relate to in regards to the daddy figures of the family. I feel safe to say that there is a general perception of men not being able to cook as well as women in the common household. I do know this perception can be debunked many times over, however, as proved by both of my sisters and my sister in law ending up with men who did ALL the meal cooking. In my household (and please give a shoutout if it is your household too) the woman does the cooking- because there’s a lot of love, time, patience, and creativity that goes into it that my husband can’t quite pull off as often as I do.

I don’t mean that the man of my house CAN’T cook- he just doesn’t do it very much (maybe once a year?)¬†as I’m sure it’d be too much work to make a good family meal each night. He’s got enough on his plate as it is (pun intended). So, in honor of Father’s day, I thought I’d give credit to my husband for a time when he delighted me with a perceptive breakfast food for Mother’s day (last year). I wish I had a photo of what he made for me, but you’ll have to just use the pan image above and imagine it.

I had been craving a good omelet forever. I had never made them at home before so I opted to buy our family an omelet pan as a “house gift” when we bought our first house last year. Ok- so it was more for me and my craving than anything. Anyway- I hadn’t had the energy to try making the egg dish because I was afraid of ruining it. A couple of weeks went by after buying this pan, and it was Mother’s day. I was “allowed” to sleep in but I kept smelling this delicious aroma of roasted onions and bacon. My kids kept coming into my room and telling me to stay in bed because Daddy was cooking a surprise. This worried me a tad- but the scent was so good that I had faith whatever it was could only be a good thing. After about a half hour of my kids going in and out of the room, they told me it was “safe” and ready to come out now.

My darling husband prepared me an omelet. And it was AMAZING! Olive oil, free range chicken eggs, olives, bacon bits, onions, and seasoning salt. I was completely surprised. Needless to say- my husband making me this beautiful meal out of such great thoughtfulness made me overcome my fear of making omelets. After all- if he could do it then so could I, right? Now I just wonder what kind of thought I can put into my Father’s day meal for him that will amaze him- because my cooking does that anyway…

Tell me your story of a surprising meal by a man- and not by a man who is a great cook. I know there are a lot of you out there. ūüôā

Happy Early¬†Father’s Day!

Everything starts somewhere…

This blog is dedicated to the future delectable side of my delightfully perceptive ideas. Someday I may be able to sell my hand crafted and creative food gifts. Someday I may be able to prepare for others in the world my tastes and talents in pasta, dairy, fruits, veggies, and meats. Someday I may have the resources to explore a more organic way of living. For now I need to remember that although my dreams are big- everything starts somewhere.

I was inspired to remember this when planting the seeds for my larger than last year garden. Each little seed start is¬†a miracle to watch come up and grow.¬†Although I do not have the time or money to set myself up with a kitchen that is more commercial oriented to fit with standards and laws on selling my delectable goods- I have my home kitchen to practice in until I get there. I am the little seed with my home as my starter.¬†I can play with herbs and seasonings, fresh¬†peppers and tomatoes, sweet strawberries and watermelons, etc.¬†And I can share what I’ve practiced with my family, friends, and with you here on this blog. In the future, just as my little pumpkin starts below will need, I will be found transplanted in a bigger spot for my imagination to expand.

Plants grow a lot faster than I anticipate my Delightfully Perceptive Delectables side of my business will, but everything starts somewhere. I will start here. I hope you’ll find some interesting reading in my posts related to food and gardening. I also hope you’ll be encouraged with ideas to share with others you know- and share where you got your ideas so they can¬†read for themselves and spread my seed of thought around.

Thank you for reading, sharing, and interacting. I look forward to growing under your watch.