Mother’s Day Apron- Cute and Practical

Here’s a great gift idea for the homemaking and cooking mom in your life. As a mom who enjoys cooking- I have a hard time wearing a nice apron and actually feeling like I can cook in it. As I bake and get batter all over my hands, or as marinade splashes onto my face, or as hot oil pops onto my arms- I, somehow out of instint, use the apron I’m wearing to wipe it clean. Usually the apron I’m wearing doesn’t work very well. Why? Because it’s made out of a light cotton fabric that doesn’t spulge up the moisture of whatever is on me. This means I have to walk around the kitchen to the last place I put the darn dish towel to clean myself off before quickly going to the stove and stirring that sauce, or helping my children open their water bottles, or move the mail my husband set down on the counter right where I’m trying to cook. Ugh.

So I decided to combine the idea of an apron with the idea of a dishtowel. I sewed a dishtowel onto the skirt of my apron! It is now the most convenient cooking clothing to wear EVER! It is not only adorable and cute- it is useful and practical!

The image posted above is of a current apron I have for sale in my shop. Check it out!


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