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Pickle Tasting Experiment

Yes, I have been gone quite a while. I got in a rut where I just couldn’t motivate myself to be on the computer updating, blogging, or sharing my creative ideas after long days of working my day job, working on my husband’s business stuff, helping my kids with homework, cleaning house and making dinners, and working through my garden clean-up and harvest. Now I’m attempting to get back in the groove.

I thought I’d share a fun experiment I did with my children after harvesting some of our garden produce- specifically the cucumbers and dill.

Here’s what we did:

I had my children list in their journals all of the ingredients that had to go into making refrigerator pickles. We then made a section by the ingredients where they would put how they felt each thing tasted on its own. After everything was done- they tasted the pickles. The results were so CUTE! I loved watching the little crinkled noses, the tongues sticking out, and the crossed eyes as each ingredient was tasted (especially the vinegar!)

My children were very surprised when the pickles turned out so much better than individual ingredients that go into making them! Now they make a great after-school snack or an addition to sandwiches or burgers!

Summer Food Favorites for Kids

1. The first “food” that comes to mind when thinking about summer treats are those great frozen juice stick popsicles that I keep stocked in my freezer during the season. Always available and ready for a cool treat after a summer swim in the pool or dash through the sprinklers.

2. Cereal- It can just get too hot to make pancakes, eggs, waffles, hashbrowns, etc. A good whole grain cereal and milk is a great start to a day for my kids.

3. Sandwich fixings- Perfect for those nights when I don’t want to hover over a hot stove for anything! I try to keep all the favorites in my fridge: cheddar cheese, provolone cheese, ham, turkey,  peanut butter, jelly, pickles, lettuce, mayo, onions, and mustard. I guess the only downfall is when we run out of bread and no one notices until it’s time to mae a sandwich. 🙂

4. Lemonade mix- Always a super inexpensive flavored drink that can be mixed up and kept cold in a large super cleaned pickle jar in the fridge. Easily made and ready for my kiddos and their friends after a few hours of outdoor exercise.

5. Crackers and Cheesesticks. Some days my kids just aren’t hungry for a full lunch. Out come the wheat crackers and stringed cheese. A great grain and protein combo to give them energy without over filling them.

6. Strawberries, watermelon, grapes, and apples. Wonderful fruits for a cool and juicy tastes on thirsty tongues- and fingerfoods that happen to make great compost additions when down to the cores, rinds, or green tops.  Our pig likes them too!

7. Different flavored applesauce cups for breakfast, and colored Jello cups for dessert after dinner. Two simple and cool additions to meals that add fun and flavor to a meal.

8. Popcorn- always a summer movie late night treat that satisfies our mouth’s need for salt. Of course- popcorn is eaten all year long- but out on the lawn with the laptop and an “instant online” movie it becomes a summer food!

Looking forward to many days of spoiling my kids’ taste buds this summer! I’d love to hear your “summer food” ideas- please share!