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My dog will eat anything!

Just wanted to share this photo of my pooch munching on a radish. He’s such a strange dog: He’ll eat almost anything! I have to keep him out of the garden because he actually enjoys the carrots, radishes, potatoes, tomatoes, and other foods I have bursting in the soil! Miles, the pooch, gets SOOOO excited when I do my harvesting- but he’ll have to get the occasional bop and the word “NO” needs to be yelled sometimes to keep him from snatching any veggie I pull from the ground.

Do any of your pets eat strange things? I’d love to see photos and hear stories! Please share!

Enjoy the rest oof your weekend!


When Throwing a Party, Don’t Forget to Eat Your Own Food!

Last night’s graduation party for my youngest sister was a total success… Great times visiting with friends and family. And, of course, a time to show off my cooking skills. On the menu we had: my famous potato salad with green salad elements, watermelon, raspberry jello with bananas, celery with peanut butter, tortilla chips, Sun Chips, and chipotle chicken bacon quesadillas with various toppings (quacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, olives, and cheese dip). I was so worried there wasn’t going to be enough food so I made sure there was a LOT of each item, and took about half the party time making the quesadillas. Then I was also watching the drinks (lemonade and raspberry iced tea) to make sure they stayed filled.

As I completed the table spread I had guests come in the house a few at a time to dish up. The quesadillas were a hit! (See how to build one below…) In fact- only a few servings of the other foods were eaten – but the quesadillas were nearly cleared by the end of the party! I was so excited at how everyone was impressed with what I threw together and it was nice just mingling and watching everyone socialize. When the meal was all done I began to clean up all the tons of food that was left- packing up the leftovers of the “extra foods” and sending them home with my youngest sister, and packing up the 2-3 quesadillas that were left and sending them home with my other sister’s husband’s brother as he’s a huge bacon fan (he just ended up eating them at the house instead of taking them home to enjoy them).

As the house cleared of guests who made their way home, I had to finish clearing all of the tables and counters of the dirty dishes and quesadilla toppings. While cleaning, I couldn’t figure out why my stomach was hurting and felt like I was so hungry. I finally get to the last area of the kitchen to throw away the dirty paper plates that have piled up, and what do I see but my paper plate full of my dished up 2 quesadillas, chips, jello, and toppings. I forgot that after I took a bite of one of my quesadillas, I set my plate down to make more lemonade. Then I just didn’t think about it. Needless to say, I enjoyed my saved plate of food and was just glad I had at least dished up a plate otherwise the leftovers would have been all gone and I would have missed out. 🙂

Congrats to my sister! And I’m so glad everyone liked the food!

To Build A Chipotle Chicken Bacon Quesadilla:

1. Butter 2 two tortilla shells on one side each

2. Place one tortilla, butter side down, into a large skillet pan.

3. Sprinkle with shredded cheese.

4. Top cheese with: cooked chipotle marinated chicken, cooked bacon pieces, onions of choice, peppers of choice, olives, and fresh or dried cilantro leaves.

5. Sprinkle again with shredded cheese.

6. Top with 2nd tortilla butter side up.

7. Use a pizza pan to help flip the tortilla around and place the other buttered side down into the skillet.

8. Do not cook for too long or tortilla will burn and you’ll be sad!