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Pickle Tasting Experiment

Yes, I have been gone quite a while. I got in a rut where I just couldn’t motivate myself to be on the computer updating, blogging, or sharing my creative ideas after long days of working my day job, working on my husband’s business stuff, helping my kids with homework, cleaning house and making dinners, and working through my garden clean-up and harvest. Now I’m attempting to get back in the groove.

I thought I’d share a fun experiment I did with my children after harvesting some of our garden produce- specifically the cucumbers and dill.

Here’s what we did:

I had my children list in their journals all of the ingredients that had to go into making refrigerator pickles. We then made a section by the ingredients where they would put how they felt each thing tasted on its own. After everything was done- they tasted the pickles. The results were so CUTE! I loved watching the little crinkled noses, the tongues sticking out, and the crossed eyes as each ingredient was tasted (especially the vinegar!)

My children were very surprised when the pickles turned out so much better than individual ingredients that go into making them! Now they make a great after-school snack or an addition to sandwiches or burgers!


Garden Love Connection- New Beginnings

Gardening is like life…
Some of you may remember my posting of how my greenhouse blew over and killed all my baby plants. First I started all my seeds inside- but most of them grew too fast and too close to the light that they reached too far and fell over to die. Then I had to take the rest of my plants and bring them outside into the only greenhouse I had available. It blew over and killed everything else. Hence, I had to start fresh by planting in the outside soil directly when the conditions seemed just right (a couple weeks ago). And now I have cute little paired leaf baby plants popping up all over. It just gives me a tingling and good mood feeling to see new beginnings in my garden.
New beginnings in my garden also remind me of new beginnings in life. Looking at my cucumbers push through the soil and open up helps me remember that there are so many times in life when things seem to go wrong but are just in need of the right conditions to go right. This can especially be identified with when it comes to relationships.
Many years ago (ok, only about 9 years ago) when my husband and I met, we were smitten with each other from the beginning. But our relationship was not planted at the right time or with the right conditions. We grew too close, too fast. We were both reaching so high for a love that we started to wilt and die off. We held on though- thinking it wasn’t too late- until we came to a point where everything seemed to blow away. We knew we were still meant to be planted- but we needed to have better conditions before we could really begin growing in a healthy relationship.
We then had to start fresh with the seeds of our affection. It was a bit of a struggle in our new beginning with having to push through the soil of life to reach out to the light of love we needed. But we pushed through. Now we are a healthy and fruitful couple progressing and growing constantly to be better while we intertwine with each other. We don’t always have a “romantic” frame of mind, nor are we perfect, but we fight off the weeds as they come with our strong root system and continue to soak in all the positive things we need as a couple.
Now I can only hope that my cucumbers will be as successful as my relationship has been!
Have a great week and remember to let everything have the chance for a new beginning with the right conditions!