Watch Out- Daddy’s Cooking!

This is not to be a prejudiced post against any male chef in this online community of great cooks- it is just a silly story that some women and children can relate to in regards to the daddy figures of the family. I feel safe to say that there is a general perception of men not being able to cook as well as women in the common household. I do know this perception can be debunked many times over, however, as proved by both of my sisters and my sister in law ending up with men who did ALL the meal cooking. In my household (and please give a shoutout if it is your household too) the woman does the cooking- because there’s a lot of love, time, patience, and creativity that goes into it that my husband can’t quite pull off as often as I do.

I don’t mean that the man of my house CAN’T cook- he just doesn’t do it very much (maybe once a year?) as I’m sure it’d be too much work to make a good family meal each night. He’s got enough on his plate as it is (pun intended). So, in honor of Father’s day, I thought I’d give credit to my husband for a time when he delighted me with a perceptive breakfast food for Mother’s day (last year). I wish I had a photo of what he made for me, but you’ll have to just use the pan image above and imagine it.

I had been craving a good omelet forever. I had never made them at home before so I opted to buy our family an omelet pan as a “house gift” when we bought our first house last year. Ok- so it was more for me and my craving than anything. Anyway- I hadn’t had the energy to try making the egg dish because I was afraid of ruining it. A couple of weeks went by after buying this pan, and it was Mother’s day. I was “allowed” to sleep in but I kept smelling this delicious aroma of roasted onions and bacon. My kids kept coming into my room and telling me to stay in bed because Daddy was cooking a surprise. This worried me a tad- but the scent was so good that I had faith whatever it was could only be a good thing. After about a half hour of my kids going in and out of the room, they told me it was “safe” and ready to come out now.

My darling husband prepared me an omelet. And it was AMAZING! Olive oil, free range chicken eggs, olives, bacon bits, onions, and seasoning salt. I was completely surprised. Needless to say- my husband making me this beautiful meal out of such great thoughtfulness made me overcome my fear of making omelets. After all- if he could do it then so could I, right? Now I just wonder what kind of thought I can put into my Father’s day meal for him that will amaze him- because my cooking does that anyway…

Tell me your story of a surprising meal by a man- and not by a man who is a great cook. I know there are a lot of you out there. 🙂

Happy Early Father’s Day!


One thought on “Watch Out- Daddy’s Cooking!

  1. Haha, my poor mother-in-law has told me of times when her husband and sons told her to stay in bed so they could make her breakfast… and she just lay there stressing about everything they were wrecking in her kitchen…

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