Treats For Dad Only- Featured Do It Yourself and Food Artist

I don’t know how your household works, but here we do have a set of unspoken rules in regards to who eats some certain treats or snacks. Of course, everyone gets their fair share of craving satisfyers… but there are some snacks that go on the grocery list that need to be set aside for Dad only. My husband, in particular, likes Cheezits, Potato chips and cheese dip, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, chocolate chip cookies, oreos, and a few other items.

So… my Father’s Day do it yourself gift idea on the website this week is making Dad a container to hold his goodies and have his name label them. You can find the instructions for this gift idea on the website for this weeks theme:

Does dad like chocolate? You can probably find a great “Dad’s Goodies” jar filler at Seven54’s shop on Etsy. They are my featured food artist this week on on my website because they have GREAT chocolate items- even chocolate covered oreos that would be perfect to fill my husband’s jar! Take a look at my website this week for different ways to find them:


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