Food List Friday: Picnic Anywhere- And Bring Chocolate!

This week’s theme for my artistic and delectable creations is one of romance and all that mushy stuff. In regards to this, I had to be creative with a romantic idea of how to spend time together and eat too (without that restaurant bloated feeling of overstuffed). This idea is one that can be done at any time of the year and any place with a variety of different foods. Picnicing! How do you picnic in the rain you say? Here’s my list of places you can picnic with some ideas on what you can pack to enjoy time with your sweet one!

  • Where: In a park. Pack a basket with cheese, grapes, and wine! And don’t forget chocolate!
  • Where: On the living room floor. Pack a basket of small cheese sandwiches, sodas, strawberries. And don’t forget chocolate!
  • Where: In the back of a truck with a blanket on the bed. Pack a basket of devilled eggs, a couple of wine coolers or beers, and cherries. And don’t forget chocolate!
  • Where: On the shore of a beach (river, sea, lake, etc). Pack a basket of shrimp cocktail, champagne, and tangerines. And don’t forget chocolate!

And here’s where the chocolate comes in. My featured delectable artist on my website this week is Nicole Lee Fine Chocolates. You’ll see a sample image of her work below that I found in her Etsy shop. Check her out and you can go to my website this week to find other avenues of how to get in touch with her delicious delights!


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