Memorial Day BBQ- Rub it down with Big Herm’s BBQ!


This week,in honor of the three day weekend BBQ kick off of the season, I’m sending out a shout out to a fellow Etsian artist of delectable delight. Nick with Big Herm’s BBQ seems to have some amazing looking rubs available for sale in his shop- and though I’ve yet to try them- they look delish!

I love BBQ foods- who doesn’t? I especially love it when there is an extra kick added to flavor up my juicy steak or chicken breasts that I can convince my husband to occasionally grill up. (Another part of my love for the BBQ season comes from not having to do the cooking myself!) Seriously though- If we don’t have nice enough weather this weekend to be outside and eat- that doesn’t mean we can’t still fire up the barbeque and enjoy the smoky smell and flavors on our meat!

Please go see my feature of Nick and his rubs on my website:


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