My Self Diagnosed OCD Makes it Difficult To Garden!

I am unsure what makes a person completely OCD- but I am sure some of my ‘symptoms’ are very similar. Here is just a funny example that I wanted to share with fellow gardeners- and perhaps get some encouragement that I’m not the only one out there that is like this!

Here’s the sign of my first OCD tendency: I had pre-planned where to place everything in my garden space on some graph paper a few weeks ago. Turns out- I wanted to add a couple of other things to my garden that weren’t there before. I didn’t have the time to re-draw everything out on graph paper- so I just put some sketches together on othe paper. It was frustrating me though because my paper didn’t show the wierd and natural tendencies of our garden area that have to be worked around and it was harder to get proportionate measurements when not using graph paper this time. In other words- the garden space has a few hiccups in it that aren’t smooth and perfect as everything on paper can be. Duh. It’s nature. Why didn’t I just accept that without feeling frustrated?

Second sign: It REALLY stressed me out that my perfectly pre-planned baby starts that I had in my house all had to die in one way or the other. (See the “My Greenhouse Effect… post for more details). But ok— I think I’ll be ok with this. I’ll just restart everything in the ground.

Third sign: I can’t exactly split my garden right down the middle and have there be patterns to what I plant. I was going to do potatoes in the middle, pumpkins on each side, 2 lettuce patches with spinach in the middle, the herbs lining the front, tall sunflowers in one corner and tall corn in the other, etc. That’s not happening due to the hiccups of soil types, easier watering areas, etc that I couldn’t write out on my paper. Oh well- I’m learning to get creative and try to organize the garden space into one that is pleasant to my eye and won’t drive me crazy that it’s not “matching” or proportionate.

Fourth sign: I’m working on my first set of rows and for the life of me I can’t get them to be even. I keep ending up with the first ones being longer than the last ones, or vice versa. Oh forget it. It’s dirt. It’s going to move around and get watered down. Not to mention- my dog keeps running through them and our new little piggie keeps trying to enter in the area too! AGHHHH!!!

So- my point is. Being OCD can make it difficult to work with nature. But that’s ok… I think?





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