Everything starts somewhere…

This blog is dedicated to the future delectable side of my delightfully perceptive ideas. Someday I may be able to sell my hand crafted and creative food gifts. Someday I may be able to prepare for others in the world my tastes and talents in pasta, dairy, fruits, veggies, and meats. Someday I may have the resources to explore a more organic way of living. For now I need to remember that although my dreams are big- everything starts somewhere.

I was inspired to remember this when planting the seeds for my larger than last year garden. Each little seed start is a miracle to watch come up and grow. Although I do not have the time or money to set myself up with a kitchen that is more commercial oriented to fit with standards and laws on selling my delectable goods- I have my home kitchen to practice in until I get there. I am the little seed with my home as my starter. I can play with herbs and seasonings, fresh peppers and tomatoes, sweet strawberries and watermelons, etc. And I can share what I’ve practiced with my family, friends, and with you here on this blog. In the future, just as my little pumpkin starts below will need, I will be found transplanted in a bigger spot for my imagination to expand.

Plants grow a lot faster than I anticipate my Delightfully Perceptive Delectables side of my business will, but everything starts somewhere. I will start here. I hope you’ll find some interesting reading in my posts related to food and gardening. I also hope you’ll be encouraged with ideas to share with others you know- and share where you got your ideas so they can read for themselves and spread my seed of thought around.

Thank you for reading, sharing, and interacting. I look forward to growing under your watch.



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